Muhammad or Jesus?

Muhammad never forgave sins. JESUS forgave sins
Muhammad never gave life to the dead JESUS gave life to the dead
Muhammad did not die for the sins of other men. JESUS died for the sins of other men
Muhammad was not called the Word of God. JESUS is called the Word of God (John 1;1)
Muhammad we are told, died. JESUS so the Quran tells us did not die.
Muhammad was visited by an angel called Gabriel. JESUS is greater than all angels (Hebrews 1;1).
Muhammad was visited by an angel. JESUS created the angels and is great than all angels, Jesus visits man himself. (Hebrews 1;6).
Muhammad is not called The Word or the WORD of LIFE or WORD OF GOD or the WORD WAS GOD. JESUS is called The Word or the WORD of LIFE, The WORD OF GOD (Rev 19;13) and the WORD WAS GOD (John 1;1).
Muhammad never healed the Sick. JESUS haled the sick
Muhammad never raised the dead. JESUS raised the dead
Muhammad according to the Quran in not coming back because he’s dead. JESUS according to Both bible and Quran is “alive.” Jesus according to the bible died and rose again and is alive. (Rev 1;18).
Muhammad asked for forgiveness of sins (40:55, 48:2, and 47:19:). JESUS never asked for forgiveness of sins.
Muhammad asks us to pray for him. JESUS never asks others to pray for him
Muhammad says ask for peace and blessings for him JESUS never requires us to pray for peace to upon him or blessings.
Muhammad cannot give eternal life. JESUS alone gives eternal life (John 3;16).
Muhammad is never called God. JESUS is called God. (over 6000 times the title LORD GOD is applied to Jesus mostly in the OT).

JESUS is called the TRUE GOD (1 John 5;20).
JESUS is called the Everlasting Father (Isaiah 9;6)
JESUS is called GOD and the Word of God (John 1;1)
JESUS is called Our GOD and Saviour (2 Peter 1;1)
JESUS is called our GREAT GOD  and Savior (Titus 2;13)
JESUS is called GOD blessed forever (Romans 9;5)


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