The FAITH that unlocks a NOW Miracle

Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11;1)
FAITH is not hope,  but it is the substance of things hoped for.
FAITH is not hope, “I hope I shall get well” “I hope things will change” “I hope God will heal me!”

FAITH is not I expect it to happen, FAITH says it has happened.

God has already provided the solution, the healing the miracle before we pray. Our prayers are just an alignment, a meeting into agreement with that which The Lord has already provided. Hence FAITH is always NOW. Faith is not someday, FAITH is today. So has your words of FAITH got any substance at all? YES and million times, YES. There’s substance¬† in what you confess when your faith lines us with God’s word.

Everything God has provided is a Past event waiting to become a present Posession. Your healing, your miracle, your destiny your joy, your inheritance.. this means I dont have to beg God any more. Just agree with him. He said it, I got it and that settles it… It’s Mine!


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