REVIVAL READY…A prophetic word for the REVIVAL PREACHER in hiding…

The world needs the revival Preacher. How do you know you’re ready? When revival is happening at your house first, when your head is anointed with your oil, when your cup runs over, when in the presence of enemies you stand at your table and share your portion. (Psalm 23).

Every preacher should desire the work of the revival preacher. thats why you as a preacher feels cut off, in a limited place, you feel disconnected and alone. working below your fulfilment level and living below your means. You’re made for more. quit limiting God, start preaching miracles faith and healing and you GET “wypiwyg” (what you preach is what you get).

Shake yourself from the dust of self unbelief and self pity and wake up to the God in you. Quit looking at what you haven’t got and start looking at who you are in him.

The heart of the revival preacher. He has the spirit of the breaker, when he is weak he finds his greatest strength. When he is abased he abounds, when he falls he arises, He is found running through troops and leaping over walls, walking in victory while going through a struggle, he can praise while walking through a storm, worship in drought, preach while hidden and prophecy while he himself is in a cave and be anointed while he himself in needs of a prophetic word from others. He can hold revival while in his own den if he has to. He don’t need a crowd, that’s why like John the baptist who could preach Jesus in a desert, God will use him. Crowd don’t make him and platforms don’t elevate him. He himself is God’s platform.

REVIVAL READY…if not you who? You are the candidate for revIval. Why you know he working because he’s working in you. Revival starts afresh with you in you from you, you are the river you are God’s OPEN HEAVENS and God’s open door.

REVIVAL READY means, I know the season and i’ve discerned its always NOW.. NOW is always God’s time. because God is NOW..Never beg God for revival… be the revival.

REVIVAL READY. Get out of your humanness and connect. connect with others of like kind spirit, faith and passion. The lord done this and so should you.

REVIVAL READY..if not you, who? if not now, when? Your waiting for another is unbelief in your own calling ability and talent. You are chosen now arise form your pit and present yourself to him.

You don’t wait for the move of God, you feel the move of God, He woks in you, thats revival. You are the revival coming to town BELIEVE IT .. BE IT … AND OTHERS AROUND YOU WILL SEE IT.


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….Paul B Thomas


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