Negotiation.. to Build the Uncommon Dream

I want to thank my brother Michael McCormack for inspiring me to write this short post. His article “Negotiating with God” Isaiah 38:1-5 in which he talked about Hezekiah  being payed a visit from the prophet who tells him he is going to die. Hezekiah then seeks God who then adds fifteen years to his life

Negotiation involves a conflict of interest. and take place in a place of uncertainty. Negotiation usually starts off with the seeker or the buyer stating his desire to purchase a particular property. The seller then produces a proposal and so negotiation commences. During negotiation each side should be prepared to move from a position in order to come to an agreement that benefits both parties. In bargaining you can even get your opponents to modify their initial demands by convincing them of the strength of your own position. 

Is your destiny so real in you that you would negotiate with God over it? Show him the reasons why you should go to that mission field, or build that ministry in that city.

What about negotiating with other brothers, pastors and leaders? If your Dream is so big how come the brother alongside you, online knows nothing about it? Negotiating is not what you have but rather what others have from you that you have communicated to them. Negotiate, share it in writing, ask for feedback, take a risk and invite others to partner in it. Allow room for negotiation, the views, and insight from others then build together what you may never do alone. Negotiating is after all allowing the dreamer to live while you yourself may have lost a partner!


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