False Trails and Imaginary Destinies

Seeking truth is imperative for the believer whose passion and mission is to follow the Lord and do something great with their lives. Charles Coulson once said, “if we are going to sacrifice our lives we want to give our lives for a cause that is true. If we give ourselves to a lie we give ourselves to nothing, or worse to destruction. “(Charles Colson).

In nov 1954 Albert Speer decided to take a walking tour, he was fifty years old and decided to take a walking tour. he first mapped our the route from Berlin to Heidelberg. He immersed himself in books available on the area he planned to walk. Heading our for the Balklands, Istanbul, and through Afghanistan to India, Once he had seen Asia he crossed back through China to Siberia and from there leap-frogged to North America walking from Los Angeles he crossed into Mexico recording in his diary “My soles burned on the hot ground..where milestones mark my doleful passage.”

The sea and oceans were no obstacle to Speer, because you see Speer because during this journey he never actually left Spandau prison. where he was serving twenty years for crimes against humanity. Speer had been Hitlers Chief Architect and became a  number two man in Hitler’s Nazi regime (The Good life Charles Colson)

Sad but true we often spend our time in fantasy land dreaming of what could be making a daily trek on our daydreams like Speer himself. how many pairs of shoes have you worn out, idly walking the vain road of no mans land? The question we need to ask is this Am i pursuing a fantasy or am I pursuing a reality? the difference lies between truth and the make believe.
To get the journey right we have to face reality, TRUTH. what is my call. yes be honest with yourself. is it doable and bible. If you cannot begin the journey right now, I doubt its of god. by making the journey i mean getting yourself ready by getting a passport, putting your finances in order to go,  making a tell call with someone who will accommodate you for a night or whatever. TRUTH.. whose road am I following, another mans road or is this God’s road map for me. is it unique? FI don’t want to be another twenty years treading the same prison grounds thinking in in Hawaii do you? To get the journey right we need to get the road map right, and the clear picture of reality. I know many who are following a false trail, the christianity that the apostles did not follow religion, the broad trail of ecumenicalism and trinitarianism its a trail many have died for but the journey we are called by the Lord to make must be known, and fought for, this apostolic the apostles truth.

Speer continued his imaginary journey to the end which took him even further into pure illusion.


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