Baptism Formula Changed

Britannica Encyclopedia, 11th Edition, Volume 3, page 365 – Baptism was changed from the name of Jesus to words Father, Son & Holy Ghost in 2nd Century. UPCBAYPOINT.COM


My Thoughts: I believe we should use the name of Jesus and why not?
Baptizing according to Mathew is in “the name of the father Son and Holy Ghost” (Mt 28:19). Mark tells us “He who believes and is baptized will be saved… and these signs (are of) those who believe in his name are inferring that baptism too is in his name (Mark 16:16-18)  Luke’s account tells us that “repentance and remission of sins (which comes through baptism) should be preached in his name” (Luke 24:47). So the gospels testify to the name however one reads it.

The discussion over the name in baptism continues even in Pentecostal circles and I found it interesting to observe this to be so on the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic faith inc website. which discusses the terms used in Acts such as “Lord Jesus” (Acts 8:26) “name of the Lord” ( Acts 10:48) “Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 19:5).

My thoughts are this. Note that the term “Lord” and “God” are titles not names. We are not baptized by the titles but by the one whose name is Jesus for if the titles were appropriate to baptism and conveyed a special meaning then why not use the titles like “Emmanuel” or “Mighty God” or “all sufficient one” why not use the titles, any titles of God of which there are many in our baptism? So the titles denote him who is God, and is used in the scriptures to reveal who our God is to those who don’t know him. Paul said to “do all things in his name” and this would be the correct practical working and application of Matthew 28:19. we don’t cast out demons in the name of the father son and Holy  Ghost. We don’t pray a pray of healing the in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost no we simply do it in his name. and why not baptism?

Jesus is the revelation of the father this is why we should baptize in the name of Jesus (John 8:24).

Back to the Matthew 28:19 debate. The Phrase of Matthew 28 was not given for us to repeat baptism into the name is something we do. Its not necessary to use the word “of” as in “I now baptize you into the name of…” rather we are to baptize into Jesus. How is this done. When the baptized one one calls on the name of Jesus. “Arise be baptized calling on the name of the Lord.” That is when salvation comes. Jesus is salvation, his name means salvation and he comes when we invoke the name. Further when we invoke his name it is he that baptizes us. This is why we are to use his name. No man can baptize us save Jesus only. You are not baptized into my church and neither am I baptized into your church. I’m baptized in Jesus church therefore Jesus is the one that baptizes me

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