A New Level of Salvation

I have friends who have gone back into the world as we say, they have “forsaken the faith” What advice should I give?

First I must be direct in my approach and ask where you born again the Jesus way or were you just required to ask him into your heart? Now if you just asked him into your heart then although you may feel as if you have failed God or God has failed you, whatever it may be, then I can tell you that there is the Real salvation to experience. The way of water and spirit and baptism in Jesus name which is the only true bible way of being born again that works! (John 3:5).

Now that may shock you but think again, if it didn’t work then maybe you born the wrong way I’m talking of the new birth of course. In Acts 19 we have an account of those who were¬† believers who had repented and came to Christ, yet they were not in Christ. and here’s the deal. Paul came to Ephesus and asked them¬† Did you receive the Holy Ghost when you believed? So they said to him we have not so much as heard whether there be a a Holy Ghost. They had a faith but they had not God who is Spirit, they were believers but had not been born of water or spirit.

The Paul said “John indeed baptized with a baptism of repentance.” Many preaches do the same thing today they preach a message of repentance and leave out the vital importance of being born of water and spirit in the name of Jesus Acts 2:38 and Acts 10:44-47). The result a stillborn or pre-born or partial birth. these believers then accepted Paul’s message and they were baptized in the name of Jesus and received the gift of the Holy Ghost (Acts 19:4,5).

Isn’t that good news. but… it takes humility… Does it9 reasons baptized240sep work? YES… I’m a witness, you can be too. Its time to obey Jesus. (John 3:5). God has another chance for you don’t quit. salvation the real way works. The apostles knew it and so can you.


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