Preachers Asking for Money?


I’m frequently asked for money especially from certain ministries from Pakistan and india, thats the reason for this blog here.I’m not referring to the american ministries, some of which I have developed a working relationship. The ministries Pakistan and India and sometimes Africa, are people who I have never met or heard of in my life and simply friend me and immediately without reading my material books or even my bio have the audacity to  ask me “Are you a preacher?” then If I say yes the next thing. “I have an orphanage can you send me money!”

Now I dont know what planet they are living on but just because I live in Britain does not mean I have tons of money, further I won’t support anyone who I have not build a solid working relationship with either, If you dont contribute your knowledge or ministry and get to know me first, you’re really wasting your time and mine.

I try to be courteous and tell them that I was called in the 80s to go to America and preach and used my faith to build a ministry without ever beging for money. I told the Lord that I could not ask for money, but I knew I could ask him! I travelled from Texas to Michigan (north to south) over 30 times in 17 years never asking for an offering and preaching wherever I could mosty in smaller ministries. It was at test of faith real faith not the faith that begs. 


I encourage preachers today, not to go beyond God and secondly to ask God for a sign that youre in his will, somebody somewhere will confirm your project with a gift, If you have not a word from God, don’t build it.

Looking back over my itinerary years in America, I have re-asessed my working plan. I would not go again without first using my faith to get partners and having built a solid working plan with them, then I would go. I do now believe that I could have helped more folks if I had partners and supporters than when I first went in 95. What I’m saying is,  yes, one can ask in faith, that is ask god in faith first and then also ask other folks, but never ask people for money for a project you know God has not first provided for youn in some measure himself first. This show’s God approves of your faith and your project is born of God and not your flesh.

Finally, and again, If you are an eastern pastor, from Pakistan or India or other poorer nations, connect first with the preachers, get to know their ministry and add your support to them by commenting on their posts, getting to know their vision, reading their material and praying for their vision. Then only after building a strong relationship you will then and only then, maybe yes just maybe, find folks open to partnerships and willing to contribute to your support

If you need more ideas on how you can build your ministry contact me on’ll be glad to assist.
Every success
Paul B Thomas


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